Bathroom toilets have improved over recent years. Available in local plumbing supply, Home Depot, Lowes, and here at your local plumber. Toilets made in a variety of shapes, comfort height and most empty the bowl at a single flush! They require little to no maintenance.  But when things go awry its best to have a professional plumber to offer recommendations before you begin a DIY toilet repair. At Aqueduct plumbing and Air “Advice by phone is always free.”  Call us at 740-964-2691 and share the toilet problem.


Common Toilet Problems

Frequent high-water bills

Noisy toilets or slow filling toilet tanks

Toilet flush handle stuck

Toilet valve keeps running

Trickling water in the toilet bowl

Toilet that won’t flush

Adjusting the water level in the toilet tank


Popular Toilet Manufactures-

American Standard    Kohler

Mansfield                   Sterling

Toto                           Glacier Bay

Niagara                      Caroma


The most commonly used two-piece toilet is easily repairable by a homeowner and would require a limited number of tools which one would likely have in the garage toolbox.  Locate the toilet manufacturer identification stamp commonly located on the underside of the toilet tank lid or inside tank wall. If you need assistance with identification here. Then call us and speak with a toilet repair specialist to assist in determining the cause of the toilet breakdown and recommending the necessary parts you’ll require to repair it.

Should you need hands-on help, we’ll schedule our plumbing professional to be there in no time flat when calling 740-964-2691 or online by clicking here.