We would not choose another plumbing company.
Our family has been using Aqueduct for many years. Anthony is a perfectionist who does excellent work!

Robert W. | Granville, OH

Anthony from Aqueduct just knocked all the other competition off the grid for me.
There is no other service person that I would have come into my home.  He was more than knowledgeable with my issue.  He was fast, he cleaned up, and the work was completed as ordered.  He even stood out in the rain and checked another issue for me.  You’re wasting your time if you continue to search for a service person past Anthony and Aqueduct Plumbing & Air!!!

Michael Byrd | Blacklick, OH

One of the best services I have had!
I hired Aqueduct Plumbing and Air to install a new water heater. The water heater that we had was defective so they installed a new one. They worked very quickly. They displayed some of the best professionalism, best work quality and most importantly the cleanest service I have ever gotten. The cleanliness was especially exceptional, which is something I value highly in the service industry. They used shoe covers and took other measures to insure cleanliness. It looked like they were never here.

Ross S. | Columbus, OH

Anthony was great!
He was knowledgeable and professional and knew exactly what was wrong! He worked, quickly fixed the leak and repiped everything. Thank you!

Stacy D. | Pataskala, OH

Amazing experience.
The technician walked through every part of the process and put it in very easy to understand terms. They took the time to contact about a warranty and made sure that we understood everything that would be worked on. Also very easy to schedule and were very prompt. Would definitely recommend.

Nick C. | Pataskala, OH

Very friendly and professional.
Anthony arrived at the appointed time.  He was very friendly and professional.  He explained what he was going to do so there wouldn’t be any surprises.  We also asked him to look at another issue.   He said yes without hesitation.  The next time we need a plumber we hope Aqueduct Plumbing sends Anthony.

Donna H. | Pataskala, OH

Excellent service.
Professional, on time, knew exactly how to fix issue. I would recommend for plumbing issues.

Tammy R. | Pataskala, OH

We were completely satisfied with his work.
We had a wonderful experience this past Saturday. Our sump pump went out and Anthony came out and his expertise was excellent. He was so courteous and knowledgeable. We were completely satisfied with his work and recommend him to anyone in need of an excellent plumber. We will definitely use this company and request Anthony for any of our future needs.

Sherrie S. | Westerville, OH

Anthony did a great job. 
He got there on time and fixed the problem.  He replaced my sump pump and he had a replacement one with him.  I did not have to wait.  He was very honest and the rates were very reasonable.

Hal S. | Westerville, OH

Showed up fast. Fixed. Incredible to work with and helped us figure out a solution. Most incredible service professional I’ve interacted with. Worked with us on making an unexpected expense affordable.

Chris M. | Pataskala, OH

A Professional Plumbing Experience
Aqueduct Plumbing and Air installed a dishwasher in our house. When we had it installed they were willing to go to Sears to pick up the dishwasher, which was just so nice. They brought it to our house and installed it. When they left they even took the old dishwasher to disposed of it for us.

We are busy professionals and they were able to do all of this without us being there. My mother-in-law was in the house but she did not have to do anything because they took care of it all. We appreciate the professional service we received from Aqueduct.

Nick & Holly M. | Newark, OH

Quick and timely
I have worked with other companies in the past and found it very difficult to get people out when they said. I called and scheduled with Aqueduct Plumbing and Air, and they were very timely. They actually came earlier than the time they said, and they were very good about communicating when they would be here. They got here very quickly and did a great job.

Raymond J. | Newark, OH

They did the job right.
Aqueduct Plumbing and Air deserves the highest ratings. They run a terrific business and are a pleasure to work with. I’ve used them a few times already and have only had competent and professional plumbers sent to my home to do repairs. They were prompt, professional, and arrived with all the materials necessary to get what needed to be done. Their rates are very reasonable and I would recommend them.

Charity H. | Pataskala, OH

Expert service, super friendly, fair prices.
I have been a customer of Aqueduct Plumbing for about four or five years. Anthony has done at least two major projects for me. He has installed a new hot water heater and a new toilet. Both times the work was expertly performed at reasonable prices.

Anthony is the kind of entrepreneur that keeps you informed about his price changes and deals, even if you don’t know about them. He actually gave me a coupon for an additional twenty dollars off, on a service he had already completed. He’s also very quick to prioritize emergencies, and responds very quickly.

Bill K. | Pataskala, OH

Very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.
We recently had some issues with a little bit of water leaking around our cold water tank, so we called Aqueduct Plumbing and Air. They came out and replaced the tank for us, and also addressed a couple of other issues we were having. Due to a manufacturing problem we had to have them come back and replace the tank under our warranty, and they came out immediately.

We’ve had them out various times for plumbing or leaks, and they have done an excellent job every time that they’ve come out. These guys are friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They have a very quick turnaround time. Anytime I call them, they’re able to get back to me in a minute. I like that when they come to evaluate issues they explain upfront what their prices will be. Their prices are competitive and reasonable. The best aspect of their service is their efficiency. Their work is always done within the same day.

Aqueduct is my go-to company for all of my plumbing needs. We have been using them for at least ten years now, and we have become very satisfied with their work. I hold this corporation in very high regard, and I would gladly recommend them to others.

Richard A. | Granville, OH

We had a last minute do-it-yourself project, but we needed help with the plumbing, so we called Aqueduct Plumbing and Air. Other companies did not have time, but they made the time for us. It is better to get it done right the first time than hiring someone who does not know what they are doing. Everything turned out excellent.

Nicholas M. | Granville, OH

Happy with work
Aqueduct Plumbing and Air was here on time, when they said would be. The worker was very polite and made his company look good. I have used them several times in the past. They are prompt, courteous, and do a good job . They solved my plumbing problem and installed a new faucet. I rate them highly. I am very happy. They were on time, do their work, do a good job, and their charges are not exuberant. I recommend them.

Rena M. | Reynoldsburg, OH

Aqueduct Plumbing and Air repaired a plugged up sink and the experience was great. They were very quick and did a good job.

Alex A. | Columbus, OH

When Anthony is done with a job, you know it’s *done*
We were redoing our kitchen and we have a new refrigerator with an ice maker and water dispenser, which I never had before, so he did extensive work and he also did the dishwasher. When the dishwasher started to leak, he came back the very next day. It took him a while to find it but he looked in the book and found it was the fault of the company so he called Sears and a repairman came out. When the refrigerator started leaking, Anthony came out, again, immediately. I can’t say enough about their excellent service!

We’ve had other plumbers that took us off their list when we had to go out of town for five weeks. When we called them back, they were all tied up and our bathroom was such a mess that we weren’t able to use it for a year. We finally called Aqueduct Plumbing and Air and Anthony actually sat us down and went over the cost, when he could do the work, and when he could finish. It was so nice to have someone like him come into the house. I think he’s expensive, I don’t know how much other plumbers charge for that kind of work, but I can say he was worth every penny.

He and the whole company was excellent. The know what they’re doing and if they don’t know, they will get a book, look in that book, and call whoever they need to call and, one time, Anthony spent half an hour just calling different companies when the water faucet he brought to install wouldn’t fit into the quartz in our counter top.

Kitty R. | Newark, OH

The experience was very pleasant.
This was the first time I used Aqueduct Plumbing and Air. The overall experience was very pleasant.

Anthony helped me throughout the service. Anthony was very friendly. He arrived quickly and explained everything. He replaced a leaking water heater and a few other things around the place that needed to be done. It was really nice of him to do those extra minor fixes. I would recommend his services.

Marianne G. | Pataskala, OH

It was painless. They worked at my convenience and came out as quickly as possible.
I had a faucet with a leak so Aqueduct Plumbing replaced some of the rings, there were also two toilets that had their flush valves replaced, and then a sump pump that was taken out and cleaned because it had mud. They did bunch of things. These technicians are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Tim N. | Pataskala, OH

Quick, clean, and easy
Our refrigerator got disconnected so we hired Aqueduct Plumbing and Air to come and install a new valve on it. The technician was in and out and it was as if he was never even there. He was very clean and he did a fantastic job. The price was great and overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

Ruthie W. | Granville, OH

Good experience and great service
This was my first time using Aqueduct Plumbing and Air. Overall, it was a good experience. My wife found them, and set an appointment for them to do a water heater repair and fix a leaking pipe. Anthony came out to do the repairs, and he was friendly and professional. The service was average in price, but Anthony was very competent and provided a great service.

Brian T. | Pataskala, OH

Worth waiting for
Anthony of Aqueduct Plumbing and Air is extremely skilled and very communicative. He goes above and beyond what he is supposed to do. He also offers additional tips to a homeowner for maintenance and care. He serviced me three separate times in a new home and made recommendations along the way. I will call him again. Some jobs take priority, and he always explained why he had to reschedule. He is definitely worth waiting for. I appreciate his honesty.

Cathy S. | Pataskala, OH

Very friendly, knowledgeable, and solved our issue.
We’ve had previous plumbers out, and they wanted to charge a lot more. Anthony was the head plumber from Aqueduct, and he was wonderful. He suggested something for only a fraction of the cost, and even though he said it was a beginning step, so far it has fixed our problem. I think they have solved the issue, hopefully. They were very honest and knowledgeable.

Erin L. | Gahanna, OH

Very pleased
Aqueduct Plumbing and Air has remodeled two bathrooms and done several jobs for us. We are very pleased.

Sewall P. | Newark, OH

Hot Water Heater Not Working
Called to schedule service and when we described the problem with our hot water heater we were given options to try so that we could fix it ourselves. IT WORKED!! We even received a courtesy call after a couple hours to see if we still needed to schedule service. I was so thrilled to have a company that really tried to help us without charging us a dime! Wish more companies would show this level of service. Will definitely be back when we have plumbing or air problems!

Susan M. | Granville, OH

Great job Aqueduct!
Anthony is very professional, always on time, and communicates very well. I would highly recommend them.

Lynn S. | Granville, OH

A Professional Plumbing Experience
Aqueduct Plumbing and Air installed a dishwasher in our house. When we had it installed they were willing to go to Sears to pick up the dishwasher, which was just so nice. They brought it to our house and installed it. When they left they even took the old dishwasher to disposed of it for us.

We are busy professionals and they were able to do all of this without us being there. My mother-in-law was in the house but she did not have to do anything because they took care of it all. We appreciate the professional service we received from Aqueduct.

Nick & Holly M. | Newark, OH