shutterstock_146630252Over a period repair cost can add up to the sum of a new replacement. Familiarize yourself with the condition, remaining warranty and if the repair will substantially prolong the life of, for example, a water heater, faucet, fixture or pump.

It’s helpful to have all the information before you make the decision. We’re available to help by calling 740-964-2691.
In my experience plumbing issues typically come about unplanned for and usually is an unbudgeted expense.

A Certified Technician, apprenticed in plumbing is skilled in evaluating and determining if a repair can be a successful option. As well as recommending to replace it; such as a garbage disposal or water heater or bathroom faucet. In all cases, we will present all the options and provide the price upfront, so you’ll know to the penny what it will cost before we do the work. We warranty our workmanship on repairs, and replacement products such as a new water heater of premium quality will have a more extended warranty and performance grade much higher than the old one. In most cases, we can do the job right-then-and-there as long as it is not unusual. Schedule your appointment now by phone 740-964-2691 or use the web form here.

An in-home consultation is best if you are planning on an extensive project, for example, installing a tankless water heater, removing corroded- leaky water pipes and re-piping, or replacing a water softener.

Schedule your appointment for a consultation by calling 740-964-2691 we’d like to learn more about your project today.