Helpful Hints from a Professional Plumber on Mold and Mildew in the Bathroom

Mold and mildew always seem to linger in every home owner’s bathroom. In the shower, in the tub, in the toilet, it is everywhere. There are quite a few ways to get rid of it, and professional plumbers like to give helpful advice to homeowners. Getting rid of that mold and mildew does not have to be complicated or frustrating. There are even ways to prevent it from ever coming back. It is incredibly important to have a bathroom that is free of mold and mildew because of the health risks that both of them have on homeowners and their families.

Scrubbing and Knowledge 

One of the simplest ways to get your bathroom free of mold and mildew is proper ventilation to expel moisture and regular cleaning. To clean the areas in your bathroom where mildew and mold are, you can use old rags, a cleaning brush, or a squeegee. The squeegee will help to get the extra moisture quicker than the brush or cloth from shower walls and mirrors.  The brush, of course, will get into the cracks and grout lines best. It’s hard to impossible to remove build up from caulked areas in this case removal and to recaulk with a mold/mildew resistant silicone caulk is the best solution. There are many different cleansers that your Newark plumbing service may suggest to homeowners. One of these is mixing detergent and water together into a spray bottle. Many other plumbers have suggested using bleach and water mixture, or straight bleach, while some just recommend buying a shower and bathroom cleaner at the supermarket. There are quite a few areas that mold and mildew can form in so it is crucial that you look in all of the small spots around the toilet and under the sink to be sure that everything is nice and clean.

Exhaust Fan and Ventilation

Another thing to remember is that when you do take a bath or shower, you should have an exhaust fan operating or open window for ventilation in the bathroom during use extending to 15-20 minutes afterward.  Correct ventilation will occur when replacing the air in the space every seven minutes. It will keep your bathroom from getting too much moisture in the air, thus, reducing mildew and mold. Check that you have at least a half-inch gap at the bottom of the bathroom door. In determining that your exhaust fan is the correct size, remove the grill and locate the manufacturer data plate. It will be either a sticker or stamped into the metal of the removable motor and wheel assembly. Look for the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating. If it is undersized for your space, you can purchase the right motor wheel assembly to increase the CFM. This upgrade can usually be carried out quickly and without changing the recessed cabinet in the ceiling. A bathroom vent fan CFM calculator will assist you in determining the minimum CFM exhaust fan for your space.

How to Be Mildew and Mold Free

Being aware of how and where mold and mildew forms, you can begin to get to preventing the problem.  Finally, be sure to check all of the faucets and toilets for leaks. Small, unnoticed or overlooked leaks are other ways that mold and mildew can form in the bathroom.

To keep mold and mildew away from your bathroom altogether, you must know what the cause is. Mold and mildew are born from having too much moisture in one area. Once this moisture collects, mold and mildew are prone to forming. You will start seeing it on the walls of your shower and bathtub sooner than any other areas in your home. Some homeowners have a lot of mold in their basements, as well, so it is important to check downstairs during your inspections.

By following these steps, your bathroom will be free of mildew and mold in a very short time. By getting to the source of the problem, you can take precautions against it forming again, and your bathroom will sparkle like new.

Professional Tips On Bathroom Updates And Renovations

Many homeowners find it very important to stay on top of the newest bathroom trends. They find that by improving the fixtures in their bathrooms, they are not only making their rooms look better, but they are also adding more value to the home. There are many ways to improve how your bathroom looks and getting advice from professional plumbers before you begin your exciting new project should be everyone’s starting point.



One of the first tips that a  Pataskala plumber will give you about renovating your bathroom is to make a budget for yourself first. The budget that you decide on will set the tone for the scope of your project and what kind of changes you are going for.  Changing faucets and replacing the toilet is less costly than installing a garden tub or rearranging the layout.  Investigate, research, and set your budget accordingly.   Once you have decided on a budget, be it small or large, you can now start to get a much better idea of how to proceed with the changes for your bathroom.


Understanding The Plunge You Are About To Take

A lot of homeowners are not aware of how hard it is to renovate the bathroom. Many of them feel that they have great DIY skills, but when they try to remodel their bathroom, they find out that they may not possess the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the job. Calling on a professional plumber is the smartest way to accomplish major renovations, especially where plumbing is concerned.  It will most likely save you money in the long run, because they will get the job done correctly, safely, and up to code the first time around.  Without their expertise, things don’t always turn out as they should.

Keeping the above in mind, many people like to start with the bathtub and shower. One of the first ideas that homeowners have is to change the tiling in the shower and bathtub area. Adding a new shower with multiple choices, as pan showerhead or handheld shower is another great way to add something new to your shower. If you want to add a classic, and perhaps antique look to the bathroom, having your plumber install an old-fashioned claw foot tub bathtub is one way to go. Many homeowners like to add to add the classic feel. There are quite a few stores that sell fairly inexpensive antiques and by looking around, you can be sure to find great ones to compliment your new style.


Easy Ways To Change The Bathroom

There are easy ways to change your bathroom without major demolition and high budgets. One is by simply changing the knobs and other hardware in the bathroom. This can give the bathroom different colors and add bling and shine. Along with hardware, you can paint.  New paint gives you a lot of bang for your buck, adds new colors and styles to the bathroom, and it will make a world of difference.  A fresh coat of paint always makes a room feel clean new.

Finally, one of the easiest ways to change your bathroom is to simply change the lighting fixtures. This is a great way to stay on your budget and you can also bring quite a lot more light into the bathroom. Adding more lighting can make a huge difference, and often makes your bathroom appear a lot larger.

By following a few of these helpful hints, your bathroom can start to become your new favorite room in the house. You can add everything that you want and by following the budget that you have set for yourself, you should be very happy with the end results.

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Leaky Faucets

Leaky Faucets

Leaks – they’re more than just irritating depending on the situation, an innocent looking leak can be wasting three to 15 gallons of water every day. A leaking pipe hidden behind a wall can leak undetected for months providing a breeding ground for dangerous molds and mildew buildup.

Leaks in walls are especially difficult to detect a leak will persist for months before it’s discovered. Your best bet is to keep a close eye on your water bills and note any unusual spike in usage.

It is important to fix a leaky faucet whether it’s in a sink, shower, tub or an outside hose connection. Pipe leaks will need immediate repair. But here’s a temporary measures you can use until we arrive-

First, shut off the main water supply to the house. Then, find the lowest faucet in the house and open it to drain out the piping. Just be sure to give us a call 740-964-2691 as soon as possible to schedule a permanent repair.

Leaky faucets can be repaired in most cases by taking a few steps- identification, preparation and execution. So beginning at the first step identification look for markings on the faucet.  The common place for these markings are on handles, faucet body, escutcheon plate, pop-up drain and check for a tag attached to the supply tube on newer products.  In some cases all that can be learned is the brand logo. The manufacturer can help in identifying the model of faucet your repairing and provide repair part numbers. Have this information ready when contacting the manufacture customer service department. Use your smart phone and take a few photos from different angels of the faucet ( you may be asked to text a pic of the faucet). Know the approximate age of the house or if the faucet is not the original – how old is it?  They will also ask the location, use, how many handles, and are you the original owner. Original owners may qualify to receive replacement parts free- Once you have all the information make the call. Here are a few common brands.

Moen 1-800-289-6636  `Delta 1-800-345-3358  Kohler 1-800-456-4537  Prise Pfister  1-800-732-8238

We regularly contact manufacturer for assistance in identifying product when ordering parts with success. I’m sure you can have the same outcome. Request a parts explosion and instruction sheet when ordering parts. These instructions will be a good reference while making repairs.

Need further assistance? contact us at 740-964-2691