replace-itNothing last forever. But the neglect of maintenance in a home’s plumbing system , appliances, equipment and fixtures will eventually culminate in a breakdown or worse, property damage.

A good rule of thumb is to budget one to two percent of your home’s purchase price for annual maintenance and repairs. We understand that a homeowner can be overwhelmed taking on such task as maintenance. Savings plans as our Club membership is light on the budget as well as a prudent investment in time and protection of your plumbing system. As a Club member, we take on the task, and you’ll appreciate up to 25% in savings on repairs.

I’ll share just a few more benefits you will experience as a Club member…
Annual plumbing safety inspection; Each year we’ll contact you to schedule to carry out a thorough checkup and make minor adjustments free. The technicians discovered issues are noted and reviewed with you. You can familiarize yourself with the list and prioritize repairs by which you can do yourself and which repairs require an expert.

By catching little problems before they become big ones you can dodge a calamity and manage repair cost efficiently by saving up to 25% on repairs. You’ll also benefit from savings on new installations, extended warranties, and priority service.
Enroll in our Club membership and gain a peace-of-mind today by mentioning it to our Technician.  Call now and contact a Newark plumber to help you today.