Leaky Faucets

Leaky Faucets

Leaks – they’re more than just irritating depending on the situation, an innocent looking leak can be wasting three to 15 gallons of water every day. A leaking pipe hidden behind a wall can leak undetected for months providing a breeding ground for dangerous molds and mildew buildup.

Leaks in walls are especially difficult to detect. Toilet leak will persist for months before it’s discovered. Your best bet is to keep a close eye on your water bills and note any unusual spike in usage.

It is important to fix a leaky faucet whether it’s in a sink, shower, tub or an outside hose connection. Pipe leaks will need immediate repair. But here’s a temporary measures you can use until we arrive-

First, shut off the main water supply to the house. Then, find the lowest faucet in the house and open it to drain out the piping. Just be sure to give us a call 740-964-2691 as soon as possible to schedule a permanent repair.

Leaky faucets can be repaired in most cases by taking a few steps- identification, preparation and execution. So beginning at the first step identification look for markings on the faucet.  The common place for these markings are on handles, faucet body, escutcheon plate, pop-up drain and check for a tag attached to the supply tube on newer products.  In some cases all that can be learned is the brand logo. The manufacturer can help in identifying the model of faucet your repairing and provide repair part numbers. Have this information ready when contacting the manufacture customer service department. Use your smart phone and take a few photos from different angels of the faucet ( you may be asked to text a pic of the faucet). Know the approximate age of the house or if the faucet is not the original – how old is it?  They will also ask the location, use, how many handles, and are you the original owner. Original owners may qualify to receive replacement parts free- Once you have all the information make the call. Here are a few common brands.

Moen 1-800-289-6636  `Delta 1-800-345-3358  Kohler 1-800-456-4537  Prise Pfister  1-800-732-8238

We regularly contact manufacturer for assistance in identifying product when ordering parts with success. I’m sure you can have the same outcome. Request a parts explosion and instruction sheet when ordering parts. These instructions will be a good reference while making repairs.

Need further assistance? contact us at 740-964-2691

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