InSinkErator® is by far the known leader in kitchen garbage disposals. A favorite brand among plumbers offering a range of disposer units to match varying demands. The common problem which occurs on occasions of heavy use across all models is the jammed garbage disposal. Steps on how to unjam a garbage disposal apply to all models specific to InSinkErator® or ISE garbage disposal.

To repair your unit from a jammed grinder plate use The Jam-Buster™ wrench supplied with the garbage disposal. Plumbers usually place it in the kitchen sink cabinet. You can also purchase one here.


Insert the Jam-Buster™ hex wrench

into the center hole in the bottom

of the disposal and turn back and

forth to free the jam.




Also, inspect inside the grind chamber for obstructions that may have fallen through the sink flange causing the jam. Carefully remove it then flush cold water through the disposer while rotating the grinder plate with the Jam-Buster™ wrench. If your DIY garbage disposal repair is a success at this point, it’s time to flip the wall switch to ON if the disposer doesn’t operate turn the switch OFF and press in the safety reset button (pictured red) it can trip cutting power off to the disposer motor when a jam is detected. Now flip the wall switch ON the disposal should now operate. If assistance is required call us at 740-964-2691 ” Advice by phone is always free.”


Other garbage disposal problems-

Loud noises

Extreme vibration

Water leakage

Foul Odors

Stopped up


Should you need hands-on help, we’ll schedule our plumbing professional to be there in no time flat when calling 740-964-2691 or online by clicking here.