Affordable faucet repair is favorable for homeowners. The most common DIY faucet repairs are dripping faucets, no hot or cold water flow through the tub or shower faucet, and water is dripping from the shower-head. It’s best to contact a professional plumber before beginning. Here at Aqueduct Plumbing and Air, where “Advice by phone is always free” we can assist you by knowing just a few details.


The Faucet Type

Kitchen Faucet            Tub or Shower Faucet  

Bar Faucet                   Laundry Faucet

Bathroom Faucet         Hose Faucet


The Faucet Manufacturer

Kohler       Delta

Danze        Hansgrohe

Moen         Pfister


Some of these manufacturers mark the wall plate as on a shower faucet trim. Markings may be on the tub trim kit, Knob or lever cap. Kitchen and bath faucets have markings at the faucet base.  More recently manufacturers are tagging the hot or cold faucet connection to the water supply lines with this information. Check inside of your cabinet up towards the faucet mount to the sink.


If you need assistance identifying your faucet take a photo of it and send it to us. Here.

With the identification of your faucet- manufacturer and model

Call us, and we can assist you obtaining faucet repair parts and guidance in repairing it at a minimal or no cost to you.

Should you need further assistance hands-on, request a professional plumber to be scheduled by calling 740-964-2691 or online by clicking here.